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I wish to join the “IFPD Community” and donate an annual contribution of:

CHF 50
Annual cost of school supplies for one child

CHF 100
Monthly salary of one Change Agent: Change Agents are women from underprivileged communities, who are
trained to inform/raise awareness among their communities on issues and services linked to the project. They carry out home visits, organize and conduct training sessions and meetings for the various target groups, maintain contact with community leaders, and serve as role models for their peers. They dedicate approximately 4 hours/day to these activities.

CHF 500
Cost of a 3 day training module for 20 adolescents on topics such as reproductive health, nutrition or gender equality

CHF 1’600
Annual cost of one Children’s Activities Centre (CAC): CACs are intended for children up to the age of 14 years and offer various activities linked to reading and self-expression. They provide a sheltered environment where children can develop their abilities with the help of 2 qualified facilitators. The amount of CHF 1’600 covers the rent, salaries for the facilitators as well as the purchase of books, arts and craft material for 1 year. The CACs also serve for dance classes, painting classes, etc.

CHF 5’000
Annual salary of one teacher for a group of 60 women or 60 children benefitting from education programmes such as catch-up classes for school children, literacy classes for women, etc.


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I wish to make a unique donation of CHF
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