• International Foundation for  Population and Development

    Women represent 70% of the world's poor and two thirds of the world's 776 million illiterate adults.

  • Fight against poverty

    Every day 1,000 women die giving life - one woman every 90 seconds; 99% of these deaths occur in the developing world.

  • bidonvilles

    Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the food - but earn 10 percent of the income.

  • Promote education

    IFPD promotes the health, education and empowerment of women in developing countries by providing them with effective means to fight poverty and improve their own and their children's living conditions in a sustainable way.

  • indien proverb

    If you educate a man,
    You educate one person

    If you educate a woman,
    You educate a whole family.

    Indian Proverb

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