Since 2016, IFPD collaborates with Business and Professional Women Nepal (BPWN) – link to partner page – to develop two projects in Nepal targeted at poverty reduction and women empowerment through an integrated approach combining actions in health and hygiene, education, vocational training and income generation for women.

The projects implemented with BPWN are targeted at following activities:

  • Health: raise awareness about hygiene and reproductive health; these activities are carried out by BPWN volunteers in connection with existing health centers;
  • Education: advanced literacy classes for women; these classes follow up on a literacy program conducted a few years ago. Remedial classes for children are also considered;
  • Income generation: training and equipment for the creation of microbusinesses/cooperatives are provided by the projects and targeted at four types of activities: Goat husbandry, organic millet farming, floriculture and tailoring.
There is a significant local market for these activities, and the concept of cooperatives is very successful in Nepal. Once these cooperatives are profitable and cover the needs of families, the women will allocate a percentage of their income to the project in order to contribute to its autonomy and sustainability. They thus have an opportunity to implement a social business/investment model.