IFPD sets up and manages long term human development projects through the implementation of integrated solutions, which combine four intervention pillars: health, education, income generation and community infrastructure. The Foundation aims to identify people and programs that are already bringing positive change, empowering them to extend their range and deepen their impact. It works in close collaboration with serious and competent local actors, and seeks to reinforce the capabilities of local partners and poor communities in order to achieve the sustainability and autonomy of the projects, and to better address the social and environmental issues at stake in the developing world.


  • IFPD’s primary targets are women and youth from poor communities
  • We operate where no other organization is active, and focus on people or issues that have fallen between the gaps


  • Strengthen capacities of target groups and provide them with sustainable means to lift themselves out of poverty
  • Enhance synergies between various stakeholders
  • Focus on 4 verticals (health, education, income generation, infrastructure)


  • Focus on urban and rural communities where poverty is rife and living conditions are precarious

To achieve its mission and objectives, IFPD follows a two-fold approach:

Raise awareness in Switzerland on the situation of underprivileged communities in developing countries, and on the internationally agreed development agendas.
Implement specific, community based, integrated projects aimed at reducing poverty among the most vulnerable groups, and at promoting human rights, especially gender equality, in developing countries.
IFPD has elected to work mostly in urban slums and among rural communities in India and Nepal. Its approach consists of four components, each of which can be used as the main entry point to a particular community:

  • Clean water
  • Waste management
  • Training modules
  • Job opportunities
  • Cooperatives
  • Microbusinesses
  • Children not enrolled in school
  • Community activity centers
  • Adult education
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Pre & post-natal care
Programs developed and supported by IFPD are flexible and comprehensive; they encourage the active participation of the community, and are aimed at achieving self-reliance. Each program is tailor-made to the specific needs of targeted communities.