Alter-Start – Incubator for migrant entrepreneurs in the Canton de Vaud (French-speaking part of Switzerland)
The Alter-Start project addresses a growing social issue: the low rate of economic activity among migrants in the Canton de Vaud. The project offers an innovative solution which complements existing services: a platform to assist migrants in the creation of their microbusinesses.
The specific objectives of the Alter-Start project are to:

  • Assist migrants, who have difficulties in accessing the work market and the banking system, with setting up a microbusiness and thus creating their own employment.
  • Facilitate the financial autonomy of migrants and allow them to no longer depend on public aids.
  • Strengthen the professional assets of migrants to accelerate their integration in the economic infrastructure and social fabric. Through various training modules, project beneficiaries learn how to clarify their objectives and to become more autonomous.
  • Raise awareness among students and other volunteers participating in the project about issues related to the integration of migrants.