International Foundation for Population and Development

IFPD is a Swiss Foundation, which contributes actively to the elimination of poverty among the most vulnerable groups in developing countries and in Switzerland. IFPD promotes social entrepreneurship to generate revenues for its project beneficiaries, and ensure the sustainability and autonomy of poverty reduction programs.

Since 1999, IFPD conducts development projects focusing on women and youth. Its programs are based on an integrated approach, which allows to sustainably improve the living conditions of the most deprived through four main intervention pillars: health, education, social entrepreneurship and community infrastructure.

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Through our projects, we provide underprivileged women in developing countries with sustainable means to improve their living conditions as well as their children’s future – and we empower youth, especially girls and young women, to develop and realize their potential.


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Our Projects

Since its inception, IFPD has promoted gender equality and the empowerment of women and youth, especially girls and young women. It has adopted an integrated community based approach in which activities in the areas of health, education, income generation and livelihood enhancement strengthen each other’s impact on poverty reduction.

IFPD’s programmes and projects are developed on this overall concept but take into account national and local conditions. In all projects, the active participation of the local population, beneficiaries and other stakeholders is encouraged.

To this day, IFPD has supported projects in Mali (Ségou), India (Mumbai, Delhi and Bodhgaya) and Nepal (Kathmandu). It recently implemented a new project in Switzerland for migrant women.