IFPD is a Swiss Foundation, which was established in Lausanne in 1999 and is presently based in Geneva. Since its creation, IFPD has adopted an integrated development approach including health, education, community infrastructure and income generation. The Foundation now focuses primarily on the promotion of vocational training and social entrepreneurship among youth and women. IFPD is recognized as a not-for-profit organization under Swiss law; donations are tax-deductible.



IFPD implements vocational training and social entrepreneurship programs to support development projects. The Foundation works as a facilitator for the creation of local income generation sources with a view to guiding its beneficiaries towards financial autonomy and ownership of poverty reduction programs in the long term.




IFPD sets up multi-actor alliances to carry out its mission, facilitating synergies between the academic sector for professional training, local community-based organizations with access to the most vulnerable population, and private sector companies for the required social investment.

Our Principles


IFPD concentrates on the promotion of social entrepreneurship with a focus on reinvesting surpluses in health, education and sanitation programs since poverty can only be overcome in the long term if people have access to these basic services


IFPD fully respects the commitment, experience and know-how of its partner organisations, and promotes a sense of responsibility among all stakeholders.


IFPD‘s board and staff work along with the principles of accountability, transparency, open-mindedness and knowledge sharing.


IFPD‘s partner organisations must have a solid organisational background as well as qualified and experienced staff; they must be accountable and transparent.


IFPD ensures that proposed project activities are appropriate for the local conditions, and encourages the active participation of beneficiaries.


IFPD guarantees the strictly focused allocation of all donated funds. Donations made to IFPD are tax-deductible.