Social Entrepreneurship


  • Assist entrepreneurs with launching their micro-businesses, and generate an income.

  • Create links between experts and mentors to professionalize the micro-businesses, and ensure their sustainability.

``Thanks to my agribusiness I am able to feed my whole family.``


  • Social enterprises are businesses, which integrate a social purpose, and re-invest surpluses into their social objective.
  • Social entrepreneurship plays a significant role to reduce inequalities as it engages youth, promotes female leadership and can be developed in a diversified range of sectors (agriculture, catering services, sanitation, cleaning, recycling, etc.).
  • Social entrepreneurship is powerful means to promote financial autonomy, and enhance the living conditions of underprivileged communities.
Projects in Social Entrepreneurship
Employment & Microbusinesses
Garbage Collection
Vocational Training & Micro-Businesses
The Bodhgaya Hotel School
Self-Help & Savings Group