Vocational Training


  • Provide young underprivileged adults with access to a diversified range of vocational training, and increase their employability
  • Establish links with local companies to facilitate access to employment


``I am very proud to have accomplished my training at The Bodhgaya Hotel School!``


  • Vocational training prepares beneficiaries for the day-to-day duties that they will be doing in a specific trade, craft, profession, or role.
  • It equips students with real skills, as opposed to theoretical knowledge only.
  • Vocational training is an important tool for a country’s social and economic advancement; it offers an alternative educational path for youth and adults who wish to grow professionally, and provides qualified manpower needed across all sectors of the economy.
Projects in Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Vocational Training & Micro-Businesses
Training & Income Generation
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