Social Entrepreneurship
Vocational Training
  • Deployed : since 2011

  • Local Partner: Agragami India


Madanpur Khader, South Delhi, India

Since mid-2011, IFPD is supporting an integrated health, education and income generation project in Madanpur Khader (MPK), a slum resettlement area in South Delhi.

The project is named Khushali (meaning “well-being” in Hindi) and focuses on youth and their families. It is implemented by Agragami India, IFPD’s local partner organization.

Health – Information & Medical Care

Promote behaviour change and preventive actions to ensure family health.

Educational Support

Help children and adolescents to successfully achieve their school curriculum.

Sewing Workshop & Beauty Parlor

Sewing and beauty classes for girls and women to enable them to access the work market and earn an income.

Health – Sanitation

Promote the cleanliness of public spaces.

Garbage Collection

Jobs created thanks to the sanitation program.

Support for Childless Women

Research project on infertility and related stigmatization in underprivileged areas in India and Nepal.