Social Entrepreneurship
  • Launched October 2017

  • Local Partners:



Corporate Social Responsibility

If you or your company wish to benefit or use these services, IFPD can help you contact them and facilitate cooperation. Thus you contribute to their sucess in our country and at the same time show your contribution to social entrepreneurship.

The Alter Start incubator supports migrants with the launch of their own microenterprises in the Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

In a co-working space and free of charge, the program offers them personalized coaching, the requested training and a follow-up during the first year after their business was launched.

Las Nubes Dolci

Nunzio makes cakes, that he plans to sell on the market in Lausanne, to begin with, and his ambition is to open a pastry shop.

Iranian Catering

Faranhaz project is to set up a catering service offering Iranian specialities such as potato pancakes, lentil soup, vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Zephire Scarves

Through launching her collection of scarves called «Zephire», Anita wants to highlight migrants and their skills, and help them integrate into Switzerland.

Arna Nailcare

Nazéli has been part of the Alter Start program for a year. She would like to create a beauty salon manicure and pedicure in Lausanne.

Levan Renovations

Levan, of Georgian origin, created his own renovation company in September 2019.

Kavkaz Food

D’origine arménienne et née en Géorgie, Bella a lancé son projet «Kavkaz food», (nourriture du Caucase).

CaraKas Granola

Ana has launched her own granola brand called CaraKas.